Imagine a global network of agents creating positive change in the world

Evoke is an award winning educational game that uses storytelling, game incentives and social networks to empower players to engage in their communities to create world changing ideas. It combines a digital platform with real world community engagement. Players enter a global secret network and discover their powers to change the world. 16 powers based on 48 skills – such as problem solving, communication, empathy, imagination. 48 skills combined in 8 missions that lead a player through a project design process from community, to problem, solution and communication.

Supported by face to face mentors with a network of online mentors providing feedback along the journey. Resulting in their world changing idea -- the evokation -- and the funding of that idea.

Evoke has been played in three languages by student groups in over 100 countries over the past seven years.

Evoke Timeline

2010: The original iteration

The original iteration, URGENT EVOKE, launched at the TED conference in early 2010 by co-creator and noted game designer Jane McGonigal, generating much media interest, it ran as a 10-week “crash course in saving the world” from February through May. Geared for students across Africa, this first version of EVOKE was in English.

It won a top award at the 8th Annual Games For Change Festival.

2012: The second iteration

The second iteration , EQUIPE EVOKE, took place in 2012, in partnership with the Ministry of Science and Technology in Brazil. This version of EVOKE, which is sometimes referred to as ‘season two’, was in Portuguese.

2014: The third iteration

The third iteration of EVOKE took place in 2014. Supported by the World Bank’s Innovation Fund, it was piloted in Spanish in Mexico and Colombia, in partnership with the University of Guadalajara (Mexico) and Uniminuto (Colombia).

This version of EVOKE, which focused on food security, energy and water, was in Spanish.

2016: The fourth iteration

The fourth iteration of EVOKE took place in partnership with the Soacha campus of Uniminuto, targeting the town south of Bogota which has a large population of people displaced because of prior civil unrest in that country. This version of EVOKE took place in Spanish.

We ran a randomized control trial with 300 participants with one treatment and two controls. The results showed that Evoke participants are more innovative, empathetic, collaborative and better problem solvers than those in the control groups.

What´s next?

A fifth iteration of Evoke is planned for July 2017 in South Africa.

We also believe that the Evoke project is ready to scale into a global network.

Imagine a network where students are not just receiving free education but are earning resources for their valuable contributions. Imagine a network in which new ideas can be kickstarted and owned by the members. Imagine a network supporting youth not just in income generation but in wealth generation. Indeed, imagine a network in which youth literally own a stake in the future of the world.

The world is changing. We welcome you to join us in creating this future.

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